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Writing Isn’t a Skill or an Art

To write is to immortalize your imagination in the form of words. However, it isn’t easy, a fact we can all attest to. It can get easier with practice, but there’s the hard way and the smart way to go about it. And no, the smart way isn’t the short-cut way. That’s never working out. You can become an expert at a skill or an art form, but with writing, you only get better but remain a learner whether you’re aspiring, represented, or published.

I like to view writing as a journey, an experience if you will. You embark on this wonderful ride with your characters and their world(s), spending months to years getting to know their lives and documenting all of that in the form of a book/series. However, not all journeys are meant to be, and, they can go great or south depending on your traveling partners (both fictional and real-life ones such as families, friends, fellow-writers… the list gets bigger but you get my drift).

And that’s where I come in to help. At least, I hope to. I’m an avid consumer of writing advice- the how-to’s, the how-not-to’s, the top ten’s, and the top five’s. I’ve been writing for about half my life, and I daresay my capabilities have quadrupled over the last five years, thanks to such content. Now, it’s only fair I give back to the community in the best way I can.

A flat disclaimer, I’m no expert. Nobody is. The best we can do is prepare for the journey based on experience. No two journeys are the same. Some have been on more journeys than others, and some of us have gone farther than others. But in the end, we’re all travelers with/without maps, exploring and understanding strange worlds.

The structure of this blog will be fluid, but a majority of my content can be pooled into three series:

Anatomy of a Book: the nuts and bolts of writing a book. Are you an aspiring writer? Are you a writer? Are you a reader interested in knowing the finer details of the books you so feverishly devour every now and then? Then, this series is for you. The topics range widely, from conceptualizing an idea, character development, plot outlining, world building and mapping, to things as absurd as importance of writing playlist and character casting. After all, a journey like this is bound to be complicated.

Let’s Ponder breaks down the fourth wall and provides my personal insight into the finer aspects of life; be it in human psychology, life sciences, engineering, mathematics, astronomy, humanities, or something that does not necessarily fit these boxes. Most of these originate from the endless research I do for my stories. If you are an old soul like me that likes to sometimes take a break from life and sit by the window to just stare at the sky and let the mind wander, this series might dust your neural pathways.

Mood. Put simply, this will encompass anything and everything the other two series don’t. It serves as a buffer for my take on random aspects of life. Book reviews, movie reviews, thoughts on some political event or idea, music and celebrities I identify with, and much more.

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